Sekai O Sai Kōchiku, Ribirudo Waarudo
Rebuild World
Ayamura Kirihito
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

The human progress of the past, presently called "Old World", has created many "Relics" with its trend setting innovation. Numerous rubble of obscure material, tall structures gliding noticeable all around, bizarre drugs and a gathering of weapons that are too amazing to ever be utilized by individuals. After the breakdown of science and progress, individuals accumulated these "Relics", and over the long haul they were modifying human culture. Along these lines the "Trackers" were made, the warriors who face the different perils of the Old World. Akira, another tracker kid who needs to go up from the ghettos, entering the vestiges of the Old World he meets a strange young lady who must be seen by him as a phantom, in reality as we know it where trackers are attempting to defeat the heritage of the old development.

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Chapter 1 2019/11/16 Download
Chapter 2 2019/11/16 Download
Chapter 3 2019/11/16 Download
Chapter 4 2020/02/18 Download
Chapter 5 2020/02/18 Download
Chapter 6 2020/02/18 Download
Chapter 7 2020/03/18 Download
Chapter 8 2020/05/13 Download
Chapter 9 2020/05/13 Download
Chapter 10 2020/10/16 Download
Chapter 11 2020/10/16 Download
Chapter 12 2020/10/16 Download
Chapter 13 2020/10/16 Download
Chapter 14 2020/11/21 Download
Chapter 15 2020/11/21 Download
Chapter 16 2020/12/14 Download