Penalty School
Yamazaki Kyo
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Manga Description

Hyakujyou Academy is an all inclusive school with best in class instructive offices where all understudies are furnished with cell phones and an Artificial Intelligence fueled "Symbol" that supports their investigations. This institute however has another element that makes it totally unique contrasted with different schools, a "Punishment System" which rebuffs understudies in the event that they dont meet the foundations exacting presentation targets!

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Chapter 1 2019/09/03 Download
Chapter 2 2019/09/03 Download
Chapter 3 2019/09/03 Download
Chapter 4 2019/09/21 Download
Chapter 5 2019/10/20 Download
Chapter 6 2019/10/30 Download
Chapter 7 2019/11/09 Download
Chapter 8 2019/11/17 Download
Chapter 9 2019/11/27 Download