Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu o Mezasou
Warinai Tarisa
Satou Keisuke, Ukai Saki
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Kanami, a youngster that wandered into a different universe and out of nowhere arose in a dull passage is about slaughtered by an evil spirit and people. At that point liking to utilize the status and expertise frameworks Kanami focuses on the most profound piece of the Labyrinth. The ability [? ? ?] devours his feelings, and he gets to know some irregular individuals, yet while his soul winds down in the other world's Labyrinth he won't abandon coming back to his unique world. "I'll totally spare you. Consequently I will–!!" Aikawa Kanami rises and shines in a passageway he has no memory of, the injury he got from a troll is restored by a pretty young lady called Lastiara, and he discovers that he's in an alternate world that is exceedingly like a game. Kanami makes into his weapon the healthy invited status and abilities, and with a pretty young lady Dia plunges forward towards the most profound piece of the maze that is supposed to "award any desire"– . This is an account of a kid who uncovered the most profound part (truth) of the maze and satisfies a desire.

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Chapter 1 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 2 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 3 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 4 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 5 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 6 2020/02/11 Download
Chapter 7 2020/02/28 Download
Chapter 8 2020/04/27 Download
Chapter 9 2020/07/21 Download
Chapter 10 2020/08/05 Download
Chapter 11 2020/09/29 Download