Isekaibocchi, Lonely Attack on a Different World, Lonely Attack on the Different World
Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku
Goji Shoji
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

The most grounded need not bother with any cheats! Haruka, who goes through his secondary educational time on earth a recluse, was abruptly brought to a different universe one day alongside the entirety of his cohorts. Whenever all God enters the image, Haruka accepts he can simply pick whatever cheat aptitude he needs to enable him to get by in the new world... In any case, in opposition to his desires, that rundown of cheat aptitudes chips away at an originally come, first serve premise. Thus, his colleagues select all the cheat aptitudes. His decisions presently constrained to remains, Haruka gets himself unequipped for collecting his very own gathering because "maverick" expertise. Despite the fact that it is an alternate world, it appears his adventuring days will be, according to regular, a single undertaking… In the wake of getting to be mindful of an emergency approaching over his cohorts, Haruka makes a quiet promise to spare them. No depending on cheats! He will walk a blasphemous way of solidarity that rises above the requirement for them. The drapery ascends on the most grounded recluses otherworld methodology control!