Slave Reincarnation ~ That Slave, is the Strongest Former Prince ~
Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki
Kara Yumi
Haraguchi Fuuta
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Manga Description

Ars, the ruler of the Kingdom of Karitz, who was known as the most grounded wizard, kicked the bucket at a youthful age. In any case, very nearly demise, he utilizes resurrection sorcery. Resurrected as Wals Sai, a slave with the best body! Wals, who turned into the escort of a princess in a little nation, turned into an incomparable slave who utilized her best body and wizardry to smash all adversaries! From "Become a Novelist"! A dream experience by "the most grounded slave", opening !! * "Become an author" is an enrolled brand name of Hina Project Co., Ltd.