Berserk of Gluttony: The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels, Boshoku no Berserk, Boshoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Reberu to Iu Gainen o Toppa Suru, Boushoku no Berserk, Boushoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Level to Iu Gainen o Toppa Suru, Boushoku no Berserk: Or
Berserk of Gluttony
Isshiki Ichika
Takino Daisuke
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

In this world, there are two sorts of individuals. The individuals Who have ground-breaking "abilities", and the individuals who dont. Individuals brought into the world with ground-breaking aptitudes, eradicate beasts to step up and wind up fruitful, while individuals without them, move toward becoming failures,who are dealt with brutally by society. Pursue the tale of Fate, a person who functions as a watchman, and whose just expertise is greedy, an aptitude that just makes him hungry.