The queen of the opera, Treason Agency
Baikoku Kikan
Carlo Zen
Shina Yoshinao
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Manga Description

In the mid twentieth century, a little republic ended up stuck between a kingdom and a realm - both of whom needed to control the republic to suit their own particular needs. Keeping in mind the end goal to shield itself from the two sides of the contention, the republic made a little gathering of warriors whose activity it is to stifle upheaval and contradiction in any capacity conceivable. This is the narrative of the Opera House.

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Chapter 1 2018/08/07 Download
Chapter 2 2019/06/03 Download
Chapter 3 2019/06/03 Download
Chapter 4 2019/07/14 Download
Chapter 5 2019/11/01 Download
Chapter 6 2020/07/25 Download
Chapter 7 2020/07/27 Download
Chapter 8 2020/08/05 Download