Asuka Hybrid
Asuka Hybrid
Ken+ (Story & Art)
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Asuka, exchanges to a residence, yet subsequent to meeting his flat mate, Asuka understands that somebody more likely than not confounded his sexual orientation and alloted him to the ladies' quarters. Asuka's flat mate, Yayoi, says that there's no issue with Asuka living in the ladies' residence and rapidly brings out reciprocal pieces of attire so that Asuka can crossdress. Outside in a recreation center, Asuka wails over his present situation until some abnormally dressed lady shows up, and in the wake of listening to Asuka's predicament about being alloted to the wrong quarters, the secretive ladies chooses to settle things by changing Asuka into a young lady before running off. Yayoi shows up and finds the recently changed Asuka, he discloses to Yayoi what happened, and Yayoi thinks everything and brings up that now there is no issue with Asuka living in the ladies' quarters. Later, in the quarters, Asuka finding the great things and awful things of being a young lady ; enters the lavatory while Yayoi is washing up and discovers that Yayoi is truly a person. However, to be clear, Yayoi clarifies that he isn't crossdressing but instead wearing his uniform. Asuka then gets to be stressed over being in the same room as Yayoi, however Yayoi is occupied with only hot bishounen. So now Asuka is living in the ladies' quarters while attempting to locate the secretive lady again so that Asuka can change back to typical with the assistance of Yayoi who, obviously, has a ulterior thought process in helping Asuka.