7th Lesson Rhapsody, 7th Period Rhapsody, Light Right Rabbit
7 Jikan-me Rhapsody
TANAKA Meca (Story & Art)
Right(→) to Left(←)
Manga Description

Toudou Rinko is a serious and reliable class representative, now in 2nd year of high school. It happens that the first male person she starts to notice is her homeroom teacher, Saku Makoto. She ends up helping the nonchanlant and playful teacher with his “Love Guidance Room”. Also includes Tanaka sensei’s earlier work “Light Right Rabbit.”

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Chapter 1 2010/12/03 Download
Chapter 2 2010/12/03 Download
Chapter 3 2010/12/03 Download
Chapter 4 - Extra 2010/12/03 Download
Chapter 5 - OMAKE 2010/12/03 Download